Install Logpresso platform

To run Logpresso apps, you need the Logpresso Platform. You can download the Logpresso Platform from the Logpresso Store. You can only download the Logpresso apps with regular user permissions, so if you are unable to download the Logpresso package, you must request partner permissions through the Logpresso Support Portal.

Install JDK

To build Logpresso apps, you need a Java Development Kit(JDK). Logpresso recommends Eclipse Temurin for app development, which is packaged on top of OpenJDK.

Install Maven

Logpresso uses Apache Maven for building and managing Java projects. To build the Logpresso sample app, you need to install Apache Maven.

In the Windows environment, add M2_HOME and JAVA_HOME to the system environment variables and specify PATH as %M2_HOME%\bin to allow the mvn command to work properly.

Install Git

Logpresso uses git for version control of code and documentation. In a Windows environment, install the following tools: