Get Explanation Templates

Gets a list of push template settings of the company (tenant) in the current session.

HTTP Request

GET /api/sonar/push-templates
Request using cURL
curl -H "Authorization: Bearer <API_KEY>" \

Success Response

  "templates": {
    "sms_explain_req_msg": "An explanation request for the $category case has been mailed to you. Due: $expire_date",
    "sms_explain_review_req_msg": "The explanation review request for $emp_name $emp_title has been mailed to you. Due: $expire_date"
  • templates (Map): Template option key/value pairs

    Option KeyDescription
    explanation_domainSubmission domain. https://DOMAIN format
    mail_explain_req_subjectTitle of explanation request email
    mail_explain_req_bodyBody of explanation request email
    mail_explain_review_req_subjectTitle of review request email
    mail_explain_review_req_bodyBoby of review request email
    sms_explain_req_msgExplanation request SMS message
    sms_explain_review_req_msgReview request SMS message

    You can use the following macros for template content:

    $emp_keyEmployee number
    $emp_nameEmployee name
    $emp_titleEmployee title
    $urlSubmission URL
    $expire_dateSubmission due date (yyyy-MM-dd)
    $expire_timeSubmission due time (HH:mm:ss)
    $user_noteUser note in case of auto-request