Get Connect Profile Types

Gets a list of available connect profile types.

HTTP Request

GET /api/sonar/connect-profile-types
Request using cURL
curl -H "Authorization: Bearer <API_KEY>" \

Success Response

The example below shows the types of connect profiles built into the default package. The list of connect profiles is dynamically expanded when you install a new app.

  "profile_factories": [
      "type": "ftp",
      "name": "FTP",
      "description": "Manage FTP connect profiles."
      "type": "ldap",
      "name": "LDAP",
      "description": "Manage LDAP connect profiles."
      "type": "ssh",
      "name": "SSH",
      "description": "Manage SSH connect profiles."
      "type": "taxii",
      "name": "TAXII",
      "description": "Manage connection properties for TAXII 2.0"
      "type": "jdbc",
      "name": "Database",
      "description": "Manage JDBC driver connection strings"
      "type": "mongo",
      "name": "MongoDB",
      "description": "Manage MongoDB connect profiles."
  • profile_factories (Array): List of connect profile types
    • type (String): Connect profile type identifier
    • name (String): Connect profile type name
    • description (String): Connect profile type description