Get Log Schemas

Gets a list of log schemas that match the specified search keyword.

HTTP Request

GET /api/sonar/log-schemas
Request using cURL
curl -H "Authorization: Bearer <API_KEY>" \
Request Parameters
offsetX32-bit integerNumber of records to skipDefault: 0
limitX32-bit integerMaximum number of records to loadIf not specified, load all records
keywordsXStringKeywordSearch available by code, name, description

Success Response

Below is an example of searching by the keyword session.

  "total_count": 1,
  "schemas": [
      "code": "session",
      "name": "세션",
      "description": "방화벽 세션 및 네트워크 플로우",
      "created": "2022-09-01 00:31:13+0900"
  • total_count (32-bit integer): Total number of the log schemas that match the specified search keyword
  • schemas (Array): Log schema list
    • code (String): Code (Max. 50 characters). Identifier written to the _schema field of the normalized log.
    • name (String): Name (Max. 50 characters)
    • description (String): Description (Max. 255 characters)
    • created (String): Date and time of creation (yyyy-MM-dd HH:mm:ssZ)

Error Responses

offset or limit value is not an integer

HTTP status code 400

  "error_code": "invalid-argument",
  "error_msg": "'offset' parameter should be int type"
offset or limit value is negative

HTTP status code 400

  "error_code": "invalid-argument",
  "error_msg": "'offset' must be greater than or equal to 0."