Remove Log Schema

Deletes specified log schemas.

HTTP Request

DELETE /api/sonar/table-schemas
Request using cURL
curl -H "Authorization: Bearer <API_KEY>" \
     -X DELETE \
Request Parameter
codesOStringLog schema code listComma-separated list

Success Response

  "failures": []

Error Responses

Required argument is missing

HTTP status code 400

  "error_code": "null-argument",
  "error_msg": "codes should be not null"
Failed to delete log schema

HTTP status code 200

  "failures": [
      "id": "session",
      "reason": "referenced-by-object"
      "id": "ping2",
      "reason": "table-schema-not-found"
  • failures (Array): List of log schemas that failed to delete
    • id (String): Log schema code
    • reason (String): Cause of failure
      • Log schema is not found. (log-schema-not-found)
      • Log schema is referenced by extract model or other objects. (referenced-by-object)