Before You Start

User Interface Notation

Graphic user interface (GUI) elements are expressed as follows.

GUI Conventions

Notation FormatDescription
Menu 1 > Menu 2Displays the multi-level menu path using ">" in bold.
[Tab]Displays the name of the tab
ButtonDisplays button names in bold.

Command Notation

The following table lists the notational conventions used for commands, options and input values in this manual.

Conventions for Commands

Notation FormatDescription
table araqne_query_logsMonospaced lowercase to input what you type as is.
VALUE, TABLE, TABLE.INDEX, FIELDMonospaced uppercase to express what you need to enter according to the user environment.
opt=value, [opt=value]Parameters of the commands in the form of "option=value". A pair of square brackets ([ ]) means this is an option you can omit.
opt={true|false}, opt=INT{s|m|d|w|mon}Parameters that require you to select and specify one of the multiple values are enclosed in a pair of curly braces ({ }).

This manual uses the conventions listed above when describing the syntax of commands in this manual. For example, the syntax of the stream command is as follows:

stream [forward=BOOL] [window=INT{y|mon|w|d|h|m|s}] STREAM[, ...]

Acronyms, Abbreviations and Terms

This manual uses the following terms:

Abbreviation for Logpresso Enterprise
Abbreviation for Logpresso Forensic
Abbreviation for Globally Unique Identifier. A hexadecimal value generated from the unique identifier
Abbreviation for Logpresso Maestro
Abbreviation for Logpresso Sonar
Abbreviation for Logpresso Standard
Database object that contains all the data in a database
Web console
Web-based graphical user interface provided within Logpresso's suite