Decodes the HTTP header in the packets.




The output fields are as follows:

  • dst_ip: Destination IP address (IP address)
  • dst_port: Destination port (integer)
  • host: Name of the web server in the FQDN (Fully Qualified Domain Name) format (string)
  • method: HTTP method (string)
  • path: Resource path (string). Typically, the URI (Uniform Resource Identifier). Refer to:
  • rcvd: Data received by the client from the server (bytes)
  • req_time1: Time the HTTP request is initiated (Epoch timestamp)
  • req_time2: Time the HTTP request is completed (Epoch timestamp)
  • res_time1: Time the HTTP response is initiated (Epoch timestamp)
  • res_time2: Time the HTTP response is completed (Epoch timestamp)
  • sent: Data sent by the client to the server (bytes)
  • src_ip: Source IP address (IP address type)
  • src_port: Source port (integer)
  • status: HTTP response code of the server (ingeter). Refer to:


Decode HTTP packets from a pcap file.

pcapfile /opt/logpresso/pcap/abnormal_traffic.pcap | decodehttp