Sends syslog message to the specified IP address.


sendsyslog [OPTIONS] dst=IP_ADDR
Required Parameter
IP address of syslog server
Optional Parameter

Format of the log to be sent: either json or txt (default: txt).

  • json: Converts all data received as input into JSON format and transmits it
  • txt: Transmits the string value of the line field as it is.

Port number of syslog server (default: 514). This designates a value from 1 to 65535 for the port number.


PRI constant value defined in RFC 5424: (default: 134, meaning Facility: local0, Severity: Info).

The PRI constant is calculated as a value that adds SEVERITY to a value multiplied by 8 in FACILITY. The following table is a table that is configured as a value calculated according to the calculation formula.

0 / kern01234567
1 / user89101112131415
2 / mail1617181920212223
3 / deamon2425262728293031
4 / auth3233343536373839
5 / syslog4041424344454647
6 / lpr4849505152535455
7 / news5657585960616263
8 / uucp6465666768697071
9 / clock7273747576777879
10 / authpriv8081828384858687
11 / ftp8889909192939495
12 / ntp96979899100101102103
13 / audit104105106107108109110111
14 / alert112113114115116117118119
15 / solaris-cron120121122123124125126127
16 / local0128129130131132133134 (default)135
17 / local1136137138139140141142143
18 / local2144145146147148149150151
19 / local3152153154155156157158159
20 / local4160161162163164165166167
21 / local5168169170171172173174175
22 / local6176177178179180181182183
23 / local7184185186187188189190191

Replaces the source IP address with an arbitrary IP instead of the Logpresso IP address

To replace the source IP address and transmit it, the 'libpcap' library must be installed on your operating system. You may also need to recompile the 'araqne-pcap' library for your operating system. Use PCAP to create and transmit readdressed packets only when specifying the source IP address other than Logpresso IP address. Note that if the packet size exceeds the MTU, the transmission fails.