Loads data in a new line delimited JSON file. The keys are used as field names, and the values are used as field values.


jsonfile [OPTIONS] PATH
Required Parameter
Path to the file from which you want to load the data. If you use a wildcard (*) in the file name, you can load all files containing a specific string pattern in the file name at once. To load the file, the Logpresso daemon must have the read permission to the file.
Optional Parameter
Maximum number of JSON entries to load (default: unlimited). The command distinguishes records using newline characters (CRLF or LF).
Number of records to skip (default: 0).
Output option for JSON source data (default: f).
  • t: Outputs the parsed data to the fields, and the JSON original data to the line field
  • f: outputs only the parsed data to the fields


  1. Read the /opt/logpresso/wp-nginx.json file.

        # Download: https://raw.githubusercontent.com/logpresso/dataset/main/wp-nginx.json
        | jsonfile /opt/logpresso/wp-nginx.json
  2. Read 20 records after skipping the first line of /opt/logpresso/wp-nginx.json file.

    jsonfile offset=1 limit=20 /opt/logpresso/wp-nginx.json
  3. Read the /opt/logpresso/wp-nginx.json and import the JSON original data to the line field.

    jsonfile overlay=t /opt/logpresso/wp-nginx.json