system tables

Loads the table list in the system. The administrator can load the list of all tables in the system. Normal user accounts can only load the list of tables to which they have been granted privileges.


system tables


Output fields are as follows.

  • java table: Table name
  • metadata: Metadata of the table
  • primary_configs: Setting information on primary storage
  • replica_configs: Setting information on backup storage
  • lock_owner: Lock owner
  • lock_purpose: Purpose of locking
  • lock_reentcnt: Number of times the locking process locked while re-entering
  • retention_policy: Table archiving cycle (unit: day)
  • data_path: Table data file path
  • is_locked: Whether to lock the table (true: locked, false: unlocked)
  • privileges: Read permission to the the user account table
  • security_groups: Read permission to the user group table

To check the records stored in the table, use the table command.