Loads the value specified as the domain field, queries the DNS to resolve names, and outputs the result.


nslookup ns=IP_ADDR [OPTIONS] DOMAIN_FIELD output FIELD, ...
Required Parameter
IPv4 or IPv6 address of the DNS server.
Field with domain name.
output FIELD, ...
Fields to retrieve from the DNS response, separated by a comma (,). Specify one or more of the following:
  • ip: IPv4 or IPv6 address
  • status: Transaction message status. If there is an error, an error message is displayed.
  • flags: Control flags in request/response message
    • AA: Authoritative answer
    • TC: Truncated
    • RD: Recursion desired
    • RA: Recursion available
  • answers: Response result of DNS server
  • authorities: Information of authoritative DNS servers
  • additionals: Other additional information
Optional Parameter
Cache size of DNS response in bytes (default: 1,048,576. approx. 1 MB)
DNS response timeout in seconds (default: 5).
The type of DNS record to query the DNS server (default: A). Specify one of the following:
  • A: IPv4 address record, mapping hostnames to an IP address of the host.
  • AAAA: IPv6 address record, mapping hostnames to an IP address of the host.
  • CNAME: Canonical name. An alias from one domain name to another domain name.
  • MX: Mail exchange record. The mail server responsible for accepting email messages on behalf of a domain name.
  • NS: Name server record, delegating a DNS zone to use the given authoritative name servers.
  • PTR: PTR resource record, a pointer to canonical name. Commonly used for reverse DNS lookups.
  • TXT: Text record, arbitrary human-readable or machine-readable text.


Perform DNS lookup for domain by asking name server

table spamhouse
| nslookup timeout=5 ns="" domain
  output ip, status, flags, answers, authorities, additionals