Loads the data swapped in the sentry transmission queue. This is a command that can be used when a sentry is installed on the server that operates the Logpresso server.


sentryswap [base=NAME]
Optional Parameter

Unique identification name for the base server connected to the sentry. If you do not specify a name, it loads the swap data of all sentries.

Base server refers to the Logpresso server (ENT, STD, and SNR) that receives logs from the sentry. The sentry can send data to different Logpresso servers. The transmission queue of the sentry must be operated separately for each base server.


This is typically used to check the amount of data waiting in the transmission queue when the queue is full, or to immediately restore the system connection status by deleting the swap after backing up the data in the transmission queue.

Output fields are as follows.

  • _time: Timestamp
  • _logger: Log collector name
  • Key-value pairs of records in the transmission buffer
You can use 'sentryswap' when Logpresso and sentry are installed on the same host. To check the swap on a host where only the sentry is installed, check it in the Logpresso shell using the 'sentry.swapStats' command.