system loggers

Loads the status of all currently configured log collectors. Administrative privileges are required to execute this command.


system loggers


Output fields are as follows:

  • namespace: Name of the set to which the logger belongs (the logger executed in the Logpresso local means the local set, otherwise it is displayed as the name (guid) of the sentry where the logger is located)
  • name: Name of the logger
  • factory_namespace: Name of the set to which the logger factory belongs
  • factory_name: Name of the logger factory
  • status: Status of the current logger (running: being executed, stopped: stopped)
  • interval: Logger execution cycle (unit: ms)
  • cron_schedule: Scheduled execution schedule
  • log_count: Number of logs collected so far
  • drop_count: Number of dropped logs
  • log_volume: Total volume of the log data (bytes)
  • drop_volume: Total volume of the dropped log data (bytes)
  • last_start_at: Last time the logger started
  • last_run_at: Last time the logger was executed
  • last_log_at: Time at which the last log was generated
  • last_write_at: Last time the log was received
A logger factory refers to a group of different loggers working together to perform a function. The logger factory divides its areas for each node (Logpresso (local) or sentry (guid)). Even with the same logger factory, what belongs to the local namespace and what belongs to the namespace of a sentry are different logger factories.