Loads behavior profile data synchronized with the control node in the data node. This command is available only in the data node.


node-behavior [guid=PROFILE_GUID]
Optional Parameter

Behavior profile GUID. If you do not specify an identifier, the command loads a list of synchronized behavior profiles.

If you do not specify the behavior profile GUID, the command returns the following values as shown in the table.

idIntegerInteger identifier
guidStringBehavior profile GUID
nameStringBehavior profile name
descriptionStringBehavior profile description
rowIntegerNumber of items in the behavior profile
curr_verIntegerCurrent version number
company_guidStringCompany GUID
company_nameStringCompany name
scheduleStringCreation cycle of behavior profile data (CRON format)
key_fieldsArrayList of behavior profile key fields (name, type)
queryStringBehavior profile recreation query
createdStringCreation time of the behavior profile
updatedStringLast modification time of the behavior profile


  1. Load the list of behavior profiles synchronized on the data node.

  2. Load the specific behavior profile data synchronized on the data node.

    node-behavior guid=c0a8c07f-34e3-48ca-a91c-5bb35684ae79