system streams

Loads the stream list in the system. Administrative privileges are required to execute this command.


system streams


Output fields are as follows.

source_typeStringThe type of data source(logger: log collector, table: table, stream: stream query).
nameStringStream query name
runningBooleanWhether to execute (true: being executed, false: stopped)
enabledBooleanWhether to activate (true: activated status, false: deactivated status)
asyncBooleanAsynchronous mode (true: asynchronous mode, false: synchronous mode)
descriptionStringDescription of the stream
intervalIntegerRefresh cycle (unit: ms)
query_stringStringQuery string
input_countIntegerNumber of inputs
output_countIntegerNumber of outputs
ownerStringThe account that executes the query
created_atDateCreation time
modified_atDateLast modification time
last_refresh_atDateLast refresh time
input_tablesStringA list of tables coming in as input
input_loggersStringA list of log collectors coming in as input
input_streamsStringA list of streams coming in as input

You can see the data coming into the stream with the following commands: logger, table, and stream.