Runs the find / -user root -perm -4000 -print command and lists the files with setuid permissions.


linux-setuid-files [md5=BOOL]
Optional Parameter
Boolean option to output the MD5 hash of files (default: f)
  • t: outputs the MD5 hash of files
  • f: NOT output the MD5 hash of files


After running the linux-setuid-files command, the output fields are as follows:

Output Fields

file_pathStringFile path
file_nameStringFile name
file_typeStringFile type
file_sizeLongFile size
file_ctimeDateLast change time
file_mtimeDateLast modification time
file_atimeDateLast access time
md5StringMD5 hash of the file
owner_readBooleanWhether owner read permission is given
owner_writeBooleanWhether owner write permission is given
owner_executeBooleanWhether owner execute permission is given
group_readBooleanWhether group read permission is given
group_writeBooleanWhether group write permission is given
group_executeBooleanWhether group execute permission is given
others_readBooleanWhether other read permission is given
others_writeBooleanWhether other write permission is given
others_executeBooleanWhether other execute permission is given