system queries

Loads the status of all queries that are currently being executed. The administrator can load all queries executed on the system, and the normal user account can only load queries executed by itself.


system queries


When you execute this command, the command returns a record containing the execution history of the query.

The record consists of the following fields.

idIntegerQuery identifier
query_stringStringQuery string
is_eofBooleanWhether the query is terminated (true: terminated, false: being executed)
is_endBooleanWhether the query is terminated (true: terminated, false: being executed)
is_cancelledVooleanWhether the query is canceled (true: canceled, false: not canceled)
start_timeLongQuery start time (unit: epoch)
finish_timeLongQuery finish time (unit: epoch)
last_startedDateLast refresh time
elapsedLongTime required to execute the query (unit: ms), If the query has not started, null
backgroundBooleanWhether to execute in the background (true: Background query, false: Not a background query)
commandsObjectExecution status for each detailed command
sub_queriesArraySubquery list
is_scheduled_queryBooleanWhether the query is scheduled (true: Scheduled query, false: Not a scheduled query)
login_nameStringThe account that executes the query
remote_ipStringThe access IP address of the account that executes the query
rowsLongThe number of records returned as a result of executing the query
'is_end' is a legacy field left for backward compatibility. Use 'is_eof' instead of 'is_end' when referencing the results of the "system queries" command in a query.