system sentries

Loads all sentry status information registered in the Logpresso server. Administrative privileges are required to execute this command.


system sentries


You can see the overview of the sentry process (guid, connection status, installation path, and Java version), information of the installation server, and performance snapshots (OS, CPU, memory, and network) and more.

Output fields are as follows.

  • guid: Unique sentry identifier
  • host_name: Host name
  • remote_ip: The IP address of the sentry
  • is_connected: true if connected, false if disconnected
  • description: Descriptive information of the sentry (if it exists)
  • cpu_usage: Cpu usage (cpu_kernel + cpu_user)
  • mem_usage: Current memory usage (%)
  • disk_usage: Disk usage (bytes)
  • nic_rx_usage: Number of network receive packets (receive)
  • nic_tx_usage: Number of network transmit packets (transmit)
  • user_dir: Location of the execution directory
  • cpu_kernel: CPU usage of the kernel (%)
  • cpu_user: CPU usage of the user process (%)
  • phy_used: Physical memory usage (bytes)
  • phy_free: Amount of physical memory remaining (bytes)
  • phy_total: Total physical memory size (bytes)
  • swap_used: Swap memory usage (bytes)
  • swap_free: Amount of swap memory remaining (bytes)
  • swap_total: Total size of the swap memory (bytes)
  • last_connect_at: Last connection time
  • os: Operating system name
  • os_ver: Operating system version
  • arch: Architecture
  • jvm_name: Java virtual machine (JVM) name
  • jvm_version: Java virtual machine (JVM) version
  • ip_addrs: Fully allocated IP address array
  • disks: Displays total disk usage by separating it into total, available, and used (bytes)
  • nics: Network card list and transmission/reception volume