system count

Loads the number of records stored until the time of the query by date.


system count [from=yyyyMMdd] [to=yyyyMMdd] [diskonly=BOOL] [TABLE, ...]
Optional Parameters
Start date (including the start date) of the date range to load in the form of yyyyMMdd.
조회 범위 마지막 일자 (마지막 일자 포함하여 조회)를 yyyyMMdd 형식으로 지정합니다.
Option to load the number of records. (default: f)
  • t: Loads the number of records written to the disk only.
  • f: Loads the number of records, including the number of records buffered in the memory.
[TABLE, ...]
Tables in which to check the number of records, separated by a comma (,). If you do not specify a table name, the command checks the number of records in all tables for which the user is granted read permission.


Output fields are as follows.

  • _time: Partition date
  • table: Table name
  • count: Number of items in the table