Manage Apps

Install Apps

Users with administrator privileges can upload an app file (with .app extension) and install the app on the Logpresso server. You can download the apps you want to install from the Logpresso Store (membership required).

  1. Go to Apps and click Install in the top right corner of the page.

  2. When the App Installation Wizard window appears, upload an app file by browsing or drag and drop. Once the app file is uploaded, the app installation will proceed automatically.

    • Click Browse to select the app file to upload or drag and drop the file to App Installation Wizard window. Select app file
    • Click Upload to upload the app file. Upload app file
      • If the app file is not valid, the upload will be aborted. Invalid app file
      • If the app is already installed with the same version, the following message appears. App with the same version
      • If the app is already installed but with a different version, the following message appears. If you want to re-install the app with the version you just uploaded, click Reinstall. To cancel the installation, click Cancel. App with different version
    • Once the file is uploaded, the installation will proceed automatically. Install app
      • If there are multiple Logpresso servers (nodes), the app will be installed in the following order: Forwarder, data node, control node.
      • The installation progress per server is not relevant to the app installation order.
    • The App Installation Wizard exits after the app is successfully installed on all Logpresso servers.
  3. Once the app is installed, the app is automatically enabled and the app card appears on the Apps page. The app installation date is displayed next to the app version information.

    Apps page

Install apps only from trusted sources.

Enable/Disable Apps

To use an app, you need to enable it first. Enable or disable an app as follows:

  1. Click [...] in the top right corner of an app card marked Enabled.

  2. Click [Disable] or [Enable]. Note that this is a toggle option.

    Disable Apps Enable Apps

Uninstall Apps

To uninstall an app you no longer use:

  1. Click [...] in the top right corner of an app card.
  2. Click Uninstall from the menu.
  3. When the Uninstall App message appears, check if you correctly choose the app to uninstall. Uninstall app
    • To delete all app objects together with the app, Tick the option Also delete all app objects.
    • To uninstall the app, click Uninstall. To cancel the Uninstallation, click Cancel.