Logpresso version 4.0.2312.0 introduces a new feature, Package, which allows users to register and manage Sentry installation packages on the Logpresso server.


Ensure that you are using Logpresso version 4.0.2312.0 or higher to be able to utilize the package feature. Earlier versions only support manual deployment.

Deploy Package

To deploy a Sentry, ensure you have the Sentry installation package and digital signature information.

  1. Log in to the Logpresso Store.

  2. Go to Packages > Linux Sentry or Packages > Windows Sentry. As of now, package feature is only available on Linux and Windows.

  3. Click Download at the bottom of the version information to download the installation package.

    Download Package File

  4. Click Copy Digital Signature to copy the digital signature information to the clipboard. You will need the digital signature when uploading the package to the Logpresso server.

Upload Package

To upload the package file to Logpresso Sonar or Logpresso Maestro:

  1. Click Upload in the toolbar under System > Packages.

    Upload Package

  2. In the Upload Package dialog, select the Sentry package file and enter a Digital signature and Description. Once you're done, click OK to upload the file to the Logpresso server.

    Upload Package Dialog

    • Select File: Sentry installation file (package) to upload
    • Digital Signature: Digital signature string you copied to the clipboard in Deploy Package.
    • Description: Description
  3. Once uploading is completed, it will appear in the package list.

    Package Upload Completed

Remove Package

To remove an uploaded package:

  1. Go to System > Packages and then tick the checkbox of the check the package file you want to delete.
  2. Click Remove on the toolbar.
  3. Click OK on the Remove Package dialog box to confirm the deletion. If you do not want to delete, click Cancel.

Remove Package